Sports Massage

Relieve the pain to increase the gain!

Sports massage speeds recovery, enhances performance and can help prevent injury. If not treated at an early stage, a minor injury may lead to a more serious condition in the long term, i.e. the longer you have an injury the longer it will take to recover. Massage can treat the majority of such minor problems quickly and effectively. Massage can also be applied specifically to help prevent injury. Massage is also extremely beneficial in treating conditions exacerbated by the work place, such as repetitive injuries as a result of poor posture, and stress-related conditions.

Sports massage and the athlete

Sports massage is used to enhance performance and prevent injury. Competitive athletes use this as an integral part of their training regime – with regular treatment they are able to sustain high levels of performance.

How does sports massage work?

All the cells in the body need a good supply of blood containing all the ingredients needed for growth, repair and nutrition. The cells also need to eliminate the waste that arises from tissue damage and irritation. Massage increases the blood circulation to the area palpated, enabling quicker and more efficient removal of waste materials from the muscles, while speeding up the delivery of vital nutrients.